How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry

How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry


I just love silver jewelry, you know why? Because silver ornaments have a timeless elegance and beauty. They are fashionable, beautiful as well as precious also. And if proper care is taken, they can last you for ages to come. Believe me I’m not joking!

Some general tips for caring your valuable silver jewelry have been provided in this article. Just go through and you will come to know how easy it is to take care of your jewelry.

Important tips-How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry

1. Take that as a thumb rule – Store your individual jewelry pieces in a separate pouches covered with a soft lining. That means never ever store all your gold, silver or diamond jewelry at one place where they tend to get in contact with each other and the reason is simple- different metals and different alloys of metals including the gemstones have a different kind of hardness so this can lead to the softer metals get scratched from hard ones. After you notice scratches on any piece you send it for re-polishing. But do you know that re- polishing results in the loss of the metal though only in small amount.

2. Avoid using perfumes and deodorants after you put on your jewelry , so use those sprays prior to wearing the jewelry. Pearls and corals can even get discolored and damaged due to perfume.

3. Before going for ultrasonic method of cleaning for your silver jewelry do verify it with your jeweler whether it is safe or not as certain gems can even crack under the high pressure that is used for cleaning the jewelry pieces during this procedure.

The above points should be kept in mind while cleaning the silver and gemstone studded silver jewelry. Moreover you need to know some other additional points as far as silver jewelry is concerned. Let us see what are these additional points-

Silver can get oxidized easily and thus has a tendency to get tarnished. So your ornament can look blackish or discolored therefore it becomes important to use the correct method for removing this tarnish. Alcohol or ammonia can damage the piece so these harsh chemicals should be avoided. Mild cleansing agents like liquid detergent or diluted baking soda can be used to avoid getting trouble into.

Light tarnish coating can easily vanish from this method. Sometimes toothpaste can also act as a good cleaning agent for silver remember that it is abrasive and can lead to scratches so use it mildly.