Tips on Luxury Jewellery

Tips on Luxury Jewellery

Imagine if money was not a problem, and you are given the opportunity that you could buy the best earring from the one of most famous jewelers in the world. Then who would you opt for and where would you go? Would you choose the refined traditionalism of Tiffany and Co or some other famous brand? But let me tell you that nearly all of the world’s famous jewelry stores have a few things in common—unique designs and good quality, excellent customer service, high prices. And at the same time, each of these jewelers have a specific quality that puts them at a different place from the rest.

Tiffany and Company

1.Has it ever happened that after seeing the distinctive color of powder blue, you thought of famous jewelers Tiffany and Co? So this is quite normal as this is one of the oldest jewelry stores and do you know that this world-famous store was established in 1837? This company has trademarked particular shade of blue for their advertising and packaging. Known for their classic and clean-cut diamond jewelry designs such as the classic tiffany-style ,Tiffany and Company popularized their brand for their iconic stature. Right from the time when the prominent New York families like Astors to the Vanderbilts wore Tiffany’s, the iconic jewellery company continues to be a class apart in luxury and effort.

Cartier jewelry and wristwatch company

  1. The Cartier jewelry and wristwatch company which was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris ,fall in the category of the world’s most famous jewelers and are the ones who can actually claim to be the “jeweler to the kings.”. Can you believe Cartier has outfitted almost dozens of royal family members from nearly ten various countries right from the crown that was worn by King Edward VII at his 1904 coronation to the tiara that was worn by Kate Middleton at her 2010 wedding with Prince William. Though this jewelry company is firmly placed from the past, yet it is also heading confidently into the 21st century. It has currently 200 stores operating worldwide which also include the flagship boutiques situated in New York, Paris ,London, and Tokyo. Right now it is famous for its popular LOVE collection, as well as for its’ Tank collection in men’s watches.So if you have a good budget and can afford then I would suggest that you really go for their unique jewelry collection coupled with the intricate designs and to top it all the quality assurance which you get free of cost!